Is there a hope? (Thoughts on climate crisis)

One night of last week, I remember I was reading an article from The Guardian about Climate Crisis. That article took me to another article, and that article to another, until I got immersed in a dark cloud of pessimism.

Later that week, I assisted to an online event called SHIFT, where a lot of social impact organizations participated. These conferences had a double-edged-sword effect on me. The first one was hope. Seeing a lot of organizations trying to make society better filled me of joy. Nonetheless, SHIFT’s event also had a distressing effect, especially regarding the climate crisis. Climate collapse seems to be an indomitable beast. Or maybe, just a beast for which there is no enough willingness and courage to combat?

It really seems no one cares about. My friends to whom I speak about the issue, just the few who don’t mock on me when I try to raise the topic, seem to be resigned. One tried to comfort me, saying that I shouldn’t focus on issues I can’t solve. I really appreciate him worrying about me, but I can’t help thinking that I can do more. The other friend, even more resigned, just commented that we will die and that there isn’t much to do about it.

I refuse to accept there isn’t much to do. I refuse to accept this as a true and to resign. But what concerns me is that the many people look like they don’t care. I get that they are pretty busy dealing with their lives. Many were affected by the pandemic and its aftereffects overwhelmingly, and they don’t want to add up a new problem. But this’s got me thinking about what to do to generate massive consciousness.

I believe in the power of the individual. Call me a dreamer, but I believe that individual changes can have a great impact, but those individual changes must be massive. Small actions times billions equals revolution. But that’s the issue. How to accomplish the task of many pushing on the same direction to reduce the effects of the climate crises if everyone is exhausted and cast down.

We have little time to reduce emissions and lower the effects of climate crisis. But it doesn’t seem to be relevant for most people. This makes me wonder: Is there hope?



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Gerardo Lankenau

Gerardo Lankenau

Passionate self-learner who seeks to make a change in the world.